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Medical Gas Outlets


Medical Gas outlets are used as a service point of necessary medical gases in the hospitals in the hospitals and other health centers. Medical gas outlets has a capacity of 6 lt/min flowrate of medical gases. When the probe are pulled out from the outlet gas flow atomatically cut. Gas outlets operate without problems for long years. They comply with EN norms and produced under a quality system ISO 9000. Th products are CE marked. 


There are two models  depending on installation type. Boxed typed or no boxed typed. Boxed type outlets are also called wall type outlets. Boxed type outlets are directly fixed on the wall. No boxed type ones are installed on bedhead units, ICU units, gas modules, pendants etc.

-          Ergonomic and proper design

-          Gas specifik crypto

-          Polyamid, inlet fitler

-          Complies to EN737

-          Corrosion resistant box ( for wall type outlets)

Medical Gas Outlets
BS,DIN,AFNOR Standards