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High Pressure Reducers

Description :         High Pressure Reducer Unit reduces the pressure of gas come from collector which is mounted to the cylinders.  The pressure of gas in collectors (150 bar —MPa —2176 psi)    is reduced to 4-7 bar that is appropriate pressure to provide for patient and medical devices through pipeline systems.

Areas of use                   : High Pressure Reducer is used where high pressure gas is needed to control and reduce for service gas pressure value ranges. 

Technical Specifications 

Product Name                       :Full Automatic High pressure Reducer

Input Pressure                       : Max. 220 Bar

Output Pressure                      : 4 – 7 Bar

Capacity                                 : 150m³/h

Input Point                             : 4  (Main ramp, Backup Ramp, External Supply,

                                                 Emergency Case Supply Unit

Working Temperature             :(+10) - (+45) C°

Power supply                          : 220 V 50 Hz

Length                                     : 150-180 cm

Packaging Type                        : Carton Box

Packaging Sizes                        : 118 x 67 x 24 cm

Packed Weight                          : 45 Kg

Alarm System                           : Digital LCD, Alarm, Sound

High Pressure Reducer - Manifold - O2- O2
High Pressure Reducer - Manifold -N2O