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Bedhead Units


Patient Bed Head Unit contains O2 and Vacuum gas terminal units and various electric equipments. BHU can be manufactured according to project and customer requirements. Generally, BHU is provided with length of 150-180 cm, also can be designed for VIP rooms and special rooms with architectural models.


  • Areas of use                   : Generally, BHUs are used in patient rooms.  Some examples; Patient Rooms, VIP Rooms, Dialysis services, Emergency intervention,  etc...

  • Built from extruded Aluminium powder coated sections, the unit provides separate compartments for Medical Gases and Electrical Services

  • Gas Equipment               : Standard 1 X O2 Outlet, 1 X Vacuum Outlet

  • Number and types of gas equipment can be modified according to project.

  • The units are supplied pre-piped with12 mm copper pipe, medical grade and pre-wired to the customers requirements, with the piping conforming to standards. Copper pipe size can be altered according to customer’s requirement.

  • Electrical equipment      : Standard 2 pcs Electric sockets, 1 pcs duplex button, 1 pcs Telephone socket, and 1 pcs Nurse Calling Button, Lighting ( 1 x direct + 1 x indirect lighting)

  • Number and types of equipment can vary according to project and requirements.

  • Color as per customer’s requirement according to RAL color codes

  • Complies to EN 737, EN 739, EN 793 and EN 60601



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